Avr3805 Denon AV Receiver 7.1 Excellent condition, audio visual type, DTS 9624, watts per channel - Pretoria, South Africa


Avr3805 Denon AV Receiver 7.1 Excellent condition, audio visual type, DTS 9624, watts per channel

  • Location: Pretoria, South Africa
  • Street Address:
  • Date Posted: Jan 07
  • Phone: 0827789936
Type: audio visual type: reception DENONAVR-3805 available in black and Alvdhdolby Digital decoding DTS Dolby Digital EX, Pro Logic Organization Chat Vkma film, music and media DTS-ES Matrix and Almnfsalhvk 6,1 DTS Neo: 696/24 to the cinema and music surround decoder DTS • 96/24 5.1 decoding HDCD decoding DDSC new Alno.ataatmaz Analog Devices hammer SHARC 32-bit floating point DSP Almaaljajdidlsnaah auto setup function room EQ with microphone supplied 7 channels on an equal Almsawahalsulth amplifier section 120 watts per channel (8 ohms, 20 Hz -20 kHz, <.05% THD) • 16 Burr Brown PCM-1791 24-bit and 192 kHz DACS high resolution on all channels eight, Fayalvriq configuration 24-bit real 0.192 kilometers Hrtzusbandh digital 24-bit 0.192 kilometers AD / converter (Bear Brown PCM-1804) on the input analog all stereo (non EXT . input) Pure Direct mode, featuring 4 DACS per channel audio Fayalvriq dual configuration (channel sources 2) ALPHA 24 Althmilaljma (AL24) all adjustable Alguenoatkabl and Aalahankhvad crossover bass (40/60/80/100/120/150/200/250Hz ) assignment 3 input component video (100MHZ bandwidth), with supply Alchachfadiothoil composite to S-video and / or components, with on-screen display 7.1 bandwidth wide Foreign (100 kHz) to input multi-channel formats, such as DVD-CD Audio and the voice of Super 5/7 channel Sterioaniz volume control digitally with 0.5 dB amount adjustments and a step of -80 to 15 audio Tagiraltadel to suit the acoustic signals video signals (0-200ms) DENON LINK 3 (Sobralsot CD & DVD Audio) compatible digital inputs 7 assignment Alno.ahmadkhalat (5 optical 0.2 coaxial) built-in tuner AM / FM RDS3 source, 3 Jobs Multizone with discrete energy, and select the source level control Alsutlkl Mntqhmtadd region stereo sound level before amp outputs, and the level of fixed or variable (Zone 3 fixed only) Multi zone video output Antrbalsulth amplifier Sotaataaan function, lets you assign 2 of 7 channels amp Command 2 or 3 speakers directly EL after the New pre-programmed/learning backlight RS-232C Mnfzlonzma control Thirdly Alhzban after I / O Moaniahalh 12V triggers (2) system Kamilaaadad / control parameter in the front panel, with reactions on the front panel display (does not require an observer to prepare) Damalmentjat

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Avr3805 Denon AV Receiver 7 1 Excellent condition audio visual type DTS 9624 watts per channel
Avr3805 Denon AV Receiver 7.1 Excellent condition, audio visual type, DTS 9624, watts per channel

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